Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gutter Covers Keep Gutters Working Properly

When your gutters are working, you don’t think anything about them.  But they are very important to the integrity of your home’s structure in that they help direct water from your roof, into the gutter system, and away from your home.  And when they aren’t working properly, problems begin!

Homeowners should always strive to keep their gutters clear and in good working order.  If your gutters get clogged, rain will not be able to flow properly and oftentimes, runs over the top of your gutters spilling down onto your foundation.  There are a couple ways to approach the problem of clogged gutters. 

1)   Clean the gutters one or more times a year
2)   Install gutter covers to prevent getting clogged gutters

The best solution we recommend is to get gutter covers for the following reasons:

1)   Keeps you off a dangerous ladder and off your roof!
2)   Keeps gutters clear and water free-flowing
3)   Prevents damage to your home’s foundation and landscaping
4)   Stops mold & mildew
5)   Saves time and money

Gutter Topper®

No one likes to spend money on home repairs.  So taking preventative measures is the best approach.  Installing gutter covers on your home will save you time & money and keep you safe and on the ground!  You may still need to check your gutters on occasion to ensure they are working properly, but you can rest assured they won’t get clogged like they would if they were left uncovered.  Check your gutters once a year for good measure.

The Solution®

If you leave gutters uncovered, debris will build up causing the gutters to get heavy with rainfall and eventually pull away from the house.  This can cause water to get behind the gutter, causing damage to your home, walls and foundation. 

The best approach is prevention.  Install gutter covers on your home today.  They are available in aluminum, copper and vinyl and come in a variety of colors to match the roof of your home.  Don’t wait.  The rainy season is upon us!