Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why You Need Gutter Protection vs. Gutter Cleaning

You may be thinking about cleaning your gutters as the fall season approaches.  Cleaning gutters can be expensive, and it can also be one of the most dangerous home maintenance projects you can do! On average, the cost of having your gutters cleaning by a professional can range anywhere from $70 to $500 per cleaning, depending on the scope of your job.  And most homes need to have their gutters cleaned twice a year if there is a significant amount of trees in your area.  That gets expensive!

Some of the factors that go into pricing a gutter-cleaning job are:

1)  How many square feet if the home?
2)  How many linear feet of gutters are there?
3)  How many stories is your home?
4)  What is the pitch of your roof?
5)  Will the downspouts be cleaned and the mess picked up when the gutter cleaning folks leave your       home?

All of these things can make the cost add up quick!  If you choose to clean the gutters yourself to save a little money, you should be aware of the risks involved.  Do you want to climb up a ladder one to two stories or more off the ground?  Do you want to be up on your roof?  Do you want to waste an afternoon cleaning much out of your gutters when you could be enjoying yourself?  These are all things to consider when deciding on whether to clean the gutters yourself.  But, there is another answer!

Instead of cleaning your gutters twice a year or more and risking a fall from a ladder, you can have a permanent solution to your clogged gutters by investing in a gutter protection system.  Clogged gutters cause thousands of dollars in damages to your home from rotting fascia boards, landscape erosion to foundation repairs.  Investing in gutter protection can eliminate the inconvenience of having to clean your gutters, giving you time to do thing you enjoy.

And finally, a gutter protection system can add value to your home, making your home more desirable when it comes time to sell.  If you are considering investing in a gutter guard system, Gutter Covers International has a product that solves any foliage problem Mother Nature can throw at it.  If you have a problem with leaves, you may want to check out one of our many products:  Leaf Terminator®, The Solution® or Gutter Topper®.  If you have problems with needles, no product works better than our Needle Guard™.  You can find out more about Gutter Covers International by visiting us at


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