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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Legacy Roofing Joins Gutter Covers International Team in Greater Cincinnati

By Tony Iannelli
Inventor of Gutter Topper and founder and owner, Gutter Covers International 

Gutter Covers International is proud that so many Independent Retailers across the United States, Canada and Europe are now carrying our complete line of gutter protection products as part of their home improvement services. And we are pleased to announce that Legacy Roofing, representing the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana areas, recently joined our independent team of gutter guard Retailers.

Led by the company’s founder and owner Kris Haney, LegacyRoofing has embraced advanced software and other technological advancements to meet the roofing, siding, gutter protection, and other home improvement needs. For example, the company uses a satellite imaging system to get precise measurements of a customer’s roof. This results in highly accurate estimates.
Legacy Roofing is the only contractor in Greater Cincinnati using this software,” explained Haney. “We also use all the same software as the major insurance companies to make processing of claims that much easier and faster for homeowners.”

Gutter Covers International was most interested in partnering with Legacy Roofing, since the company is locally owned in Greater Cincinnati. Kris was born in the area and he started Legacy Roofing five years ago. Since then, the company has achieved high rating from Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau.
Kris started the company to give local customers a highly professional alternative to “storm chasers” who come into a market after a bad storm and target homes that have experienced damage. At Gutter CoversInternational, we have seen many homeowners taken advantage of by such unethical storm chasing companies and we wanted to make sure Greater Cincinnati customers were given a trustworthy alternative.
We also were impressed by Legacy Roofing’s team of 25employees who can effectively service the large Greater Cincinnati market. The company’s vehicles are actually mobile offices that can produce estimates and print quotes right on the spot. That helps homeowners quickly get the home improvement help they need.

The Gutter Covers International Independent Retailer network keeps expanding, and we are proud that Legacy Roofing now will add Gutter Topper, Leaf Terminator, The Solution, Needle Beetle, and Hott Topper to the company’s complete package of home improvement services.

As a general contractor and craftsman, Tony Iannelli saw the damage caused by clogged gutters, and he knew he could invent a solution in his workshop. That invention was Gutter Topper, which then led to his company, Gutter Covers International, developing a series of gutter protection products.Since then, millions of feet of Tony's gutter protection products have been installed in over 200 markets across the USA, Canada and Europe.

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