Friday, September 27, 2013

Proect Your Roof from Ice and Snow: Hott Topper from Gutter Covers International

By Tony Iannelli
Inventor of Gutter Topper and founder and owner, Gutter Covers International

Winter is just around the corner and it’s a great time to protect your roof and home from the snow and ice build-ups that you know will soon be here. In some parts of the country, the buildup of snow and ice on roofs can present some serious problems – and dangers.

You can eliminate the dangerous problem of icicles building up on your gutters.

Icicles hanging from gutters overhead can be intimidating and potentially dangerous. As the icicles thaw and the water drips onto sidewalks below, the water can refreeze and create an icy area. And every winter, there are numerous injuries caused by slips and falls on icy patches. When you consider the cost of insurance co-pays, prescription medications, possible lost wages and physical therapy, I knew there had to be a way to protect homeowners.

That’s why I invented Hott Topper.

Hott Topper works in tandem with Gutter Topper to melt the ice and snow on top of your Gutter Topper. Hott Topper allows the water to then enter your gutter and protects you from the danger of ice.

Hott Topper was born out of consumer driven technology. Homeowners have been looking for a cost effective, hassle-free way to eliminate the icicles perilously hanging above walkways and driveways. Hott Topper delivers an economic and worry-free solution to the problem. The self-regulating wire of Hott Topper doesnʼt need a thermostat to control the heating temperature. When the weather gets cold, your Hott Topper gets hot!

Hott Topper generates heat that melts the snow and ice before it turns into icicles and then lets the melted water go into your gutters and downspout.

Here’s what Hott Topper can do for you when the cold winter arrives:
* Eliminates the danger of falling icicles
* Protects your gutters from heavy snow loads
* Color coordinated to match your gutter protection
* Thermal regulated wire only works when needed

Fall is a great time to make some basic home improvement investments that will pay off in peace of mind for you and your family. With Hott Topper and Gutter Topper, the dangers of falling ice from your gutters can be a thing of the past.

As a general contractor and craftsman, Tony Iannelli saw the damage caused by clogged gutters, and he knew he could invent a solution in his workshop. That invention was Gutter Topper, which then led to his company, Gutter Covers International, developing a series of gutter protection products.Since then, millions of feet of Tony's gutter protection products have been installed in over 200 markets across the USA, Canada and Europe.

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